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Monday, June 29, 2009


Before putting the eels in the polybox, makes sure to check for signs of disease or cuts. It helps to measure them too.

Hope For Jasper

O. marmoratus

The marble goby, (Oxyeleotris Marmorata) is widely distributed in fresh water habitats throughout Asia; Mekong and Chao Praya basins, rivers and other water bodies in Malaysia, Singapore, Indochina, Philippines and Indonesia. This species is an economically important fish in the Southeast Asian region, especially in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. It is highly popular among the Chinese community due to its fine texture, tasty white flesh and is believed to have healing properties. It is said, best eaten after surgeries or childbirths. Some says it can prolonged life. In Malaysia, commercialization of this type of fish is not widely established. Demands are largely dependent on wild populations thus fetching high prices in the market.

Friday, June 26, 2009


It is important to quarantine these fishes before putting it in the pond. Newly caught marble goby usually brought bacterias, parasites and worms. I use a 2' x 1' x 1' aquarium to quarantine wild marble goby or other small fishes. It is best to take their weight too before putting them in the pond.

Hope For Jasper

Friday, June 19, 2009

My first batch of Marble Goby

Those of you who never seen this type of fish, these are Marble Goby, in Malay we called them Ketutu and Soon Hock in Chinese. In Australia they called it the Sleepy Cod. Don't judge them by their ugly and scary looks, they are among the most popular and expensive freshwater delicacies in the Chinese community. A friend of mine caught 9 of these goby in the wild and gave them to me to breed. You don't need to have a zoology degree to breed these type of fish. I have installed a canvas pond with a total size of 5 ft x 7ft x 2ft for marble goby (1 feet of water). More ponds with the same size are now under construction. I use tap water with some anti-chlorine added for my pond. 80% of the water is change once in 2 weeks. I don't use RAS or water pump because there are not many marble goby in the pond (4 males 5 females)...not yet though. It is enough to splash the water once or twice in a day with my hand. A pond with this size could hold 50 to 70 marble goby at a time.

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