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Sunday, November 15, 2015

My Fishing Bait For Roach And Carp

If you are thinking about things to do to occupy your free time, why not go for Roach or Carp fishing. It’s essential to follow a few basic rules to ensure you enjoy yourself, rather than wishing you’d be anywhere else than on the bank.

Here are my tips to make a fishing session a memorable one…

1. Get some Chicks Starter Mash. You don't need much. 

2. Mix the pellet with all purpose-flour.

3. Add a few pinch of turmeric powder and water. Make into a dough. 

4. You may want to make this at night if you going fishing on next day. Your dough should look like this.

5. When you find the perfect spot to fish,throw some little ball of dough bait to 'call' the fishes. Not like this.

Please remember to apply some Catch & Release if you caught the small ones. Pick up any trash you can find in your spot, even if its not yours, put it in a plastic bag to bring back later. You are not only fishing, but also will be a great help to the environment. So I wish you happy fishing!  May the force be with you!


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