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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Red Cooked Mahseer Recipe

Mahseer is a carp. So how do we cook it? Scale and gut a Mahseer. Nail it to a plank. Roast over an open fire until the meat flakes. Throw away the fish and eat the plank. Onions and bell pepper may be added. There is also a recipe for baked carp. Scale and gut the fish and split into two halves. Place a brick between the two halves, cover with bell pepper, onion and salt and wrap in tin foil. Bake in an oven for three hours. Unwrap carefully, throw away the carp and eat the brick. It will be better than the carp. Also works with a shingle or, if camping, a river rock. 

Okay relax. I do have a serious recipe for  Mahseer. This is an ancient eastern Chinese recipe. Dated back to the year I-dunno-when. First, of all, you need to have these :

2 lb whole Mahseer, cleaned and scaled
¼ cup soy sauce
3 tbsps oil
½ cup dried wood ears (dried mushroom) soaked for 20 minutes, drained
½ cup sliced canned bamboo shoots
3-4 scallions, shredded
3 slices ginger root, shredded
½ onion (slice into rings)
½ cup sliced pepper (optional)
2 tsps cornstarch, dissolved in 1 tbsp water

2 tbsps soy sauce
2 tbsps dry sherry
2 tsp sugar
¼ cup stock

1. Marinate the fish in the soy sauce for 30 minutes. Mix together the sauce ingredients.

2. Heat the oil in a pan. When it is very hot, add the fish pieces and fry until golden.

3. Add the sauce, wood ears and bamboo shoots and continue cooking for about 10 minutes.

4. Add the scallions and ginger and cook until the sauce is reduced by half.

5. Add the cornstarch mixture and cook, stirring, until thickened.

6. Transfer to a serving dish. Pour over the sauce and serve hot. Yummy!

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  1. i luv fish n that looks delicious, but never have "Kelah" b4.



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