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Saturday, November 14, 2009

More On Marble Goby

The Marble Goby is a large, solitary, slow-moving fish which rests undisturbed on the bottom of quiet streams, canals and lakes. It rarely moves, even when disturbed. It preys on other fish, which are oblivious to its presence.

It is best identified in the field by the large head, the symmetrical patterning on the dorsal surface and by the rounded, outstretched pectoral fins. This specimen is well camouflaged at the bottom of a shallow stream.

Know to millions of Southeast Asians as 'Soon Hock', it is considered good eating and is to be found in the live tanks of Chinese restaurants.

The Marbled Goby occurs in many parts of Southeast Asia including Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

A Hope For Jasper

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Me and My Sister a.k.a partner

Friday, November 6, 2009

How to release fishes in a pond

Introducing your newly acquired fish into your pond involves much more than just ripping open the plastic bag which they were transported home in, and pouring the fish into the pond. If this is done you are soon likely to regret it. (Trust me.. I tried..haha..)

Fish should NOT be carried home in an unwrapped plastic bag.This will add to the level of stress already induced by the fish being netted and placed into the plastic bag.

You should cover the plastic bag with newspaper, paper bag or an insulated polystyrene box. This will help enormously in settling the fish down.

When you arrive home you should follow the steps indicated below.

1. Float sealed bag for about 20 minutes

2. Open bag and add some pond water to bag

3. Refloat opened bag for another 20 minutes

4. Release fish

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