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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rifle CS B-44

Shoot To Kill!

Monitor lizards beware!

Monitor lizards @ biawak are really a nuisance in fish breeding. Once these lizards know there are foods @fishes in the pond, they will kept on coming until all the fishes are gone.

A Hope For Jasper

Monday, October 19, 2009

Newly Caught Marble Goby

The three stooges

The One That Didn't Made It

Few day ago my friends went fishing at the Ramayah River. They caught a pretty handful of fishes. Some Tilapias, Puyus, Lampan Jawa and three Ketutus @ Marble Goby. I bought the marble goby from them for RM 30.00 give or take. Two of the marble goby went straight to quarantine. The other one can't make it because of a fish hook was stucked way down in its mouth. Yeah... too bad. That night I had fried marble goby for dinner.

A Hope For Jasper

Carpet Grass For Earth Pond

The earth pond project is complete but there are still works to be done with it. Weeds to be thrown to keep it tidy. Rocks to be install and maybe I'll put some flowers here and there. My first of many tasks is to remove all the weed around the bund and then I'll grow carpet grass on the bund and around the pond. I've bought a dozen of carpet grass seeds few days ago. Why I chose carpet grass? Its because carpet grass grows relatively well in low-fertile soils and soils with low PH levels. It is also well adapted to moderately drained sandy or sandy-loam soils (in Malay - Gambut). Perfect for areas with heavy annual rainfall and well suited for hilly or flat earth.

A Hope For Jasper

Canvas Pond

Rings are 1/2 ft apart.

Height 2 fts. (Water depth 1ft)

Long 7 fts.

Width 5 fts.

Canvas pond are gaining popularity nowadays. Most people likes to purchase ready made structured settlement for their fishes because they can moved it to anywhere they want their pond to be. It is quite cheap and you don't have to get secured loan from your local bank to build one or more. It lasts long and you can consider selling these structured settlements to your friends. I have been frequently asked about how did I build my canvas pond. It is quite easy actually. Mine is the size of 5ft x 7ft x 2ft. I fill it with water until the level reached 1ft. Please note that when you purchase your canvas pond from any retailer, make sure it got double lining, sewn and glued. Some retailer just glued the canvas. My first canvas pond was the glue type and within one week the pond burst. Stress! Stress! The second canvas pond was custom made. It was sewn and glued, I never have to worry about it getting burst. The rings for the ropes are half a foot apart. You may want to place your canvas pond near a water source. Surely you don't want to have to carry buckets of water to fill your pond. Good luck on installing your pond guys.

A Hope For Jasper

Friday, October 9, 2009

Riveting wildlife

That evening I sat by the pond at dusk and watched the marble goby appear from their hiding places around the new pond. One evening I heard them splashing from opposite sides of the pond. I had no idea what they were communicating to one another, but I hope they weren't saying "I preferred the old place, didn't you?"
Whether the pond's water looking clean or rather green, the marble goby seem to like it. The pond has been used by marble goby since it was first created, and is now also a home to large adult frogs, juvenile year-old frogs, froglets ,frogspawn ,tadpoles which is a natural food source and diet for my dear marble goby. 

Stress and die

This particular marble goby was the one I last relocate in the canvas pond. I think it died due to stress. Too bad, it weighted nearly 700 grams.

A Hope For Jasper


I moved everything gently in case marble goby were sheltering inside the pvc pipes around the canvas pond, as, I discovered, many of them were. I then had to lift them out with a plastic bucket and direct them towards the adjacent new pond. Safely transferring the last marble goby out of the canvas pond took a while, as by this point the water had been muddied so much it was difficult to see where the marble goby had gone. It was eventually located and safely relocated. I put the condominium @ pvc pipes inside the new pond and some tilapia fry for the marble goby. I hope they like it.

A Hope For Jasper

Tending the pond

My pond is small and at times full of algae, with the water looking rather murky. Apart from fishing out excess algae, and occasional tending to the pond plants, my pond is left alone to do its thing. Sometimes the water clears, sometimes it's rather hard to see down past the first couple of inches.

A Hope For Jasper

Pictures of my 'Spawning' Pond

Digging out the earth was difficult enough, getting the ledges within it and the levels around it right even harder. Much trial and error was in order, as I tried to visualise what the pond might look like once full of water. I can generally picture what planting combinations might look like, but with water, I'm rubbish. But I got there in the end.

A Hope For Jasper

Earth Pond Completed

Finally the earth pond project I've been working on is complete. It is 20' x 20' and 1' to 2' deep (some area up to 3'). It was due to heavy rainfalls that I have to abandon deepening it to 4'. The pond was constructed in late August 2009, to provide a better home for the marble gobies. The only way I could make space for this new and slightly larger affair was to dig up a rather wet and moist soil near my house, whose wild kang-kong had been spreading for several years.

A Hope For Jasper

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