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Monday, May 31, 2010

Fortune Teller Miracle Fish

Fortune Teller Miracle Fish promise to reveal your private sexual inclinations in ways no one can understand. In reality, they’re little red fish-shaped pieces of thin plastic that curl up in certain ways depending on the heat source they’re currently on top of. For the three of you who’ve never heard of these fishies, the gimmick is that they’ll curl up into some random position when placed in the palm of your hand. After seeing what position it forms into, you referred to a stupid chart to find out what kind of lover you were.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Dancing Fisherman

Most of us fish using rods and reels. But if you take time to delve into it, you’ll find that there are many other creative ways of fishing that are like nothing you ever tried before.  

Lots of fishermen still enjoy jug fishing, where the participants follow floating jugs to which baited hooks and line have been attached. It’s been more than a century, however, since anglers employed a special type of floating fish-catcher called the “Dancing Fisherman.” 

For this means of fishing, a jumping-jack (a small, jointed man whose limbs are moved by jerking a string attached to them) was fastened to a stick secured in an upright position on a float made from a board. Through a hole in the float passed a string attached to the jumping-jack, and tied securely to this were the hook and line. When a fish took the bait and pulled on the string, the little figure would throw up its arms and legs as though dancing for joy at having performed its task so well. Funny huh!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Box Turtles Found

I found a couple of tortoise in my pond. At first I thought they were some giant toad or something. I caught them with a net and brought them home. They seems a bit dirty with  mud and all that. I read in a book that when bringing tortoise home one should bathe it. So that's what I did. For the time being, I let them walk around the house. Tomorrow I'm going to find a new home for them.

After a little bit of surfing about tortoise, I found out that these a actually a type of Box Turtle. (not a tortoise) Although a land turtle they are closely related to the water turtles. They do not live in the water but near of in damp cool areas. (most of the time) Box turtles are "homing" if released far away from their home they try to find their way back. Wow. I wonder if they'll come back to my pond after I released them somewhere far.

The problem about Box Turtle is, if you keep it too long it will become used to your feeding it and cannot be released. So releasing it is the best even if its cute. My friend Tammy thinks that I should keep them and call them Elvis and George.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Mystery Monster Fish Of Kenyir Lake

Not long ago, Malaysia was shocked by the story of a monster fish in the Kenyir Lake. Last year, a man on a fishing may have fell of a boat and drowned. The boat could be bumped by the giant fish till the man fell into the lake. Another man who saw the situation jumped in to rescue but disappeared into the lake.

The Orang Asli elders had suspected that the Ikan Naga (dragon fish) probably caused the boat to capsize. It was also highlighted that foreign workers had seen the creature during the construction of the dam back in mid 70s. An eyewitness of the recent incident said the boat was spinning around and could not see the victims anywhere. The Ikan Naga is shrouded in myth and folklore, much like Loch Ness and other lake monsters of the world. Its girth alone is said to be 4 meters with colorful sharp fins and scales like a shark. Uh...I thought shark does not possess scales...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Piranha in Tomato Sauce Recipe

Prepare your freshly-caught Piranha native style, with this Brazilian recipe.


Piranha, whole, cleaned and scaled
4 firm, ripe tomatoes
1 finely chopped medium-sized onion
2 tablespoons of finely chopped fresh parsley
half a cup of water
2 tablespoons of margarine
salt and pepper to taste

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pets Piranha

Believe it or not, there are people who actually keep piranhas as "pets". Piranhas aren't good pets in the traditional sense because you can't hold or pet them, and they aren't affectionate. Piranha owners still must be extremely careful of the fish's sharp teeth and aggressive nature. Keeping them well fed is probably the key to keeping them mellow.

People who fancy piranhas as pets may be more attracted to the grisly reputation and aggressive manner of these world-class predators, perhaps keeping them for their "entertainment" value. That's O.K. - it's human nature to be fascinated with morbid and gruesome creatures. But piranhas are also very beautiful fish. As long as anyone desires to take a creature out of the wild and bring into captivity they must take the responsibility of treating it with respect and good care. 

Monday, May 24, 2010

How to Keep Predator Fish

Keeping fish can be lots of fun, but no one wants to buy a new fish just to have it eaten or have it eat your other fish, so here is a guide on things to do to ensure this does not happen.

Many people like to have fish for pets because they are low maintenance, and can be very relaxing to watch them swim. Most first time fish enthusiast like to keep cold water fish, because they are cheap and most of the different types of these fish will get along together. These fish have some bright colors and have some very fancy fins, but they are mostly large goldfish, and eventually switch to tropical fish to get a larger selection of fish. But keeping tropical fish can be a bit of a gamble, the fish cost more and some of them are very aggressive and will eat your other fish.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

What's your favourite fish meal?

So, what is favorite kind of fish to eat? Whether raw, or cooked or whatever. Some people like trout. Fried. Love salmon, love fish n chips. Can it really not taste amazing? OK, I like trout as well. I also love smoked trout. I hate bones in fish though. 

The top of people favourite cooked fish is the flathead. Its like a giant version of the plecostamus fish you see in fish tanks. They have lovely sweet fleshed fillets that dipped in a light beer batter, and deep fried, make the best fish for fish and chips in the world. For raw fish ... have you tried Angler Fish sashimi or sushi grade tuna, crusted in sesame seeds, and lightly seared on a hot dry skillet just long enough to turn the outside white, but leave the inside raw ... amazing, don't you think?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Asthma Wonder Cure

Most of this is of course, especially applicable to the pathetic sufferers of the dreaded ASTHMA disease. The trouble with Asthma is that it seldom kills but makes a person suffer throughout his life. When we think of any Asthma patient, sitting up the whole night, unable to breath, wheezing and suffering like a wretch and cursing his own life, we thank our stars for not having been one among them. As seen today, there is hardly any cure for this disease in any known branch of medicine.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How The Wooden Fish Came To Be

The "wooden fish" is a percussion instrument made of a hollow wooden block originally used by Buddhist priests to beat rhythms when chanting scriptures.

These are two kinds of wooden fish: one is round with carved scales and the other is rectangular and suspended in front of dinning halls of Buddhist temples. It is said that fish don't close their eyes when sleeping to remind the chanting monks to concentrate on when they are doing. When having breakfast and lunch, the monks beat the latter type of wooden fish to produce a rhythm the monks call the "Bang." There is an interesting legend explaining the origin of wooden fish.

Pet Fish Names

Here is a list of top 20 pet fish names that will help you greatly to choose a name for your cute fish.

1 - Fluffy
2 - Nemo
3 - Doodles
4 - Kandy

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Be Afraid When Handling Your Catch

Venomous snakes send shivers down many people's spines, but venomous fish are far more common, often ignored. Please note that venomous species of fish outnumber not just such snakes, but all other venomous vertebrates combined. In total, the world's oceans, lakes, and rivers harbor more than 1,200 species of venomous fish. 

Previously, some fish scientist had estimated that there were only 200 venomous fish. The new additions double the number of known venomous vertebrates to more than 2,000 species. Until the new study, scientists had estimated the number of venomous fish species largely from medical records of fish-human encounters, not on biological or evolutionary species surveys. 

Only some species, such as the lionfish, use their venom as offensive weapons the same way snakes do, according to the few fish studies. Most use the venom for defense against predators. So you disturb, you're dead. Don't disturb, you may live.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Sad Case Of Chinese Bahaba

Do you know that the Chinese Bahaba is a critically endangered fish whose swim bladder is believed to cure illnesses has been caught and sold for more than $500,000 in China. It was no get-rich scheme but a stroke of good fortune for whomever caught the rare Chinese Bahaba.

The 135-kilogram Chinese Bahaba (Bahaba Taipingensis), the first fish of its species caught in at least a year, was thought to be more than 50 years old. A fishery in Guangdong Zhanjiang purchased the fish for 3.45 million yuan. Now, at half a million each, these fish might be a good candidate for cloning.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Burmese fish : Next To Extinct

A Burmese fish, known locally as Ngaphayone (Anguilla bengalensis  bengalensis), is in danger of extinction due to increasing exports, particularly to China, where its larvae is also in high demand. Many Chinese believe that Ngaphayone increase blood flow and bestow luck to those who eat them. Ngaphayone are also used in traditional Chinese medicine. It is supposed to give 'strength' to men. 

Fairytale Fish Found

Residents of the Daluo village in China’s Guangxi province have caught several weird looking yellow fishes in a cave lake located 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) below ground.

Experts working at the Bama County and Guangxi provincial aquatics institutes have been unable to identify the fish, which sports a flat mouth shaped almost like the bill of a duck and eye-catching red lips. The mysterious creature is also adorned with a long, slim “mustache”.

According to Li Zuneng, head of the village, members of his community have heard stories about this outlandish fish told by the oldest villagers, but many had assumed that it was some type of fairytale creature. Up until now, no one from the younger generations had actually seen the deep dweller.

The cave where the fish lives is named Fu Yuan Dong, which means Cave of Fortune. I do wonder if the fish can grant wishes.

A Hope For Jasper

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Fish/Goat/Man : Monster of Lake Worth

Lake Worth is a Texas city with a population of 4,618, according to a 2000 survey. It's pretty typical in every sense of the word except one - it had the most incredible recorded monster sighting to date.

The monster made itself exceptionally newsworthy on July 10th 1969 when it apparently jumped over a car full of people. These are the first witnesses to describe the creature as 'half-man, half-goat with fur and scales'.

An interesting description, that - three animals, one of them apparently aquatic, all rolled into one. Of course we've seen the man-goat combo before, but the fish aspect is a brand new ingredient. News of this encounter leaked to the radio, which reported on it pretty quickly. Of course the story resulted in dozens of people flocking to the scene - and said flocking paid off.

Are You Considering A Pet Shark?

Sharks might be something you never considered as an animal that people should keep as a pet but the fact is that different kind of sharks is kept in home aquariums all over the world. A number of these pet shark species adepts very well to an aquarium environment in larger aquarium and are often breed in aquariums. There are also a number of popular freshwater fish that are known as freshwater sharks.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fried Snakeskin Gourami Recipe

Don't you just love eating fish? Especially when it's deep fried and crunchy. Some people likes to eat the whole part of the fish from its meat to its fins and tail. Some even more like it when special seasonings are given to it before it's fried. These seasonings make the fish more savory and rich of taste. Just watch it when frying your fish, or you'll get a soggy fish that is still raw at the inside yet the outside is burnt.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Red Cooked Mahseer Recipe

Mahseer is a carp. So how do we cook it? Scale and gut a Mahseer. Nail it to a plank. Roast over an open fire until the meat flakes. Throw away the fish and eat the plank. Onions and bell pepper may be added. There is also a recipe for baked carp. Scale and gut the fish and split into two halves. Place a brick between the two halves, cover with bell pepper, onion and salt and wrap in tin foil. Bake in an oven for three hours. Unwrap carefully, throw away the carp and eat the brick. It will be better than the carp. Also works with a shingle or, if camping, a river rock. 

Okay relax. I do have a serious recipe for  Mahseer. This is an ancient eastern Chinese recipe. Dated back to the year I-dunno-when. First, of all, you need to have these :

Mahseer Fish : King of the rapids

Mahseer is the common name used for the genera Tor, Neolissochilus, and Naziritor in the family Cyprinidae (carps). The range of this fish is from Malaysia, Indonesia, across southern Asia to Pakistan, including the Indian Peninsula. Oh yeah, this fish have been everywhere. Malaysian called it Kelah. They are commercially important game fish, as well as highly esteemed food fish. Mahseer fetch high market price, that's why some people prefer breeding or fishing them than buying it in the market. However, several of the larger species have suffered severe declines, and are now considered threatened due to pollution, habitat loss and overfishing.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Steamed Tilapia : The Kampong Style

One of my favorite cooking style is steaming fish. Steaming fish is more healthier than deep fry. But of course you all knew that. I just love the taste of steamed fresh fish with simple soy sauce and all the herbs like ginger, garlic, cilantro and scallion. 

Please note if you are using a microwave to steam fish, just use 5 minutes. If you're using a wok it's 20 to 30 minutes. We all know steaming foods in wok takes times like waiting for the water in the wok to heat up or boil before the food can be cooked. Okay, let's get started shall we. First of all, you will need to prepare these ingredient:

Easy Steps On Raising Tilapia

Tilapia are a hardy, fast growing fish with a good (less fishy) taste ideal for warm areas or indoor heated tanks. They are somewhat bony and can be slightly difficult to clean.

The most important thing to know about Tilapia is that there are many types, with wildly different characteristics. And even within one type of Tilapia, the nutritional value of the fish will vary wildly depending on what they were fed. For example, if they are fed primarily corn they will contain more Omega 6 (harmful) than Omega 3 (helpful) fatty acids. Fish grown on flax based feeds will be high in Omega 3s and low in Omega 6's. Even for one individual Tilapia, the ideal temperature and diet will vary over the fish's lifetime.

Snakeskin Gourami

Do you know that snakeskin gourami or Siamese gourami (sepat siam, in Malay) is a species of gourami that is important both as a food fish and as an aquarium fish. They are common in the Mekong and Chao Phraya basin of Cambodia, Thailand, Southern Vietnam, and Laos. They have also been introduced in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, and New Caledonia. In the Philippines, they are commonly found in Lake Bombon in Taal, from Lake Mainit in Mindanao, in Laguna de Bay and Lake Buluan. In Malaysia, they can be found in rice paddies, shallow ponds, swamps and the drains too. It is quite easy to spot one in shallow, sluggish, or standing water habitats with a lot of aquatic vegetation.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fish Pose

This is a yoga pose. It is a hard pose to do if you're a beginner. Traditionally Fish Pose is performed with the legs in Padmasana. Since Padmasana is beyond the capacity of most noobs, here you will have to do the knees bent, feet on the floor, or with the legs straight pressed against the floor. 

Lie on your back on the floor with your knees bent, feet on the floor. Inhale, lift your pelvis slightly off the floor, and slide your hands, palms down, below your buttocks. Then rest your buttocks on the backs of your hands (and don’t lift them off your hands as you perform this pose). Be sure to tuck your forearms and elbows up close to the sides of your torso. 

Friday, May 7, 2010

Eating fish scales to great health?

Fish scales are said to be rich in calcium, phosphorus, collagen and a host of other nutrients which help prevent osteoporosis. Many elders have since rushed to the fishery cold storage in town to get the scales for making "fish scale jelly." Fish scales are normally discarded by fishmongers, but residents in this tiny fishing village has been treating the fishy scrap as a valuable commodity that can be made into some kind of tasty health dessert.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Catfish Eats Basketball

A guy saw a ball bouncing around kind of strange like and when he went to investigate, it was a flat head catfish with a child's basketball stuck in its mouth and the pictures tell the rest of the story. His wife did have to cut the ball in order to deflate the ball and release the catfish.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Coelacanth : the BIG misconception 2.0

The story of the Coelacanth is fascinating for various reasons, for our purposes the fascination is in noting how the evidence implies one story and the Darwinist infers quite another. 

Coelacanth : the BIG misconception 1.0

The big misconception about the fish was obviously the fact that people thought it went extinct about 60 - 70 million years ago. The controversy today is about whether or not the fish should be studied more or should it be left alone. Scientists and curators have been trying for years to capture a live Coelacanth and keep it alive in captivity, but it has not been done. This is because they asphixiate as soon as they are brought to the surface.

Everytime they try and fail a Coelacanth dies so their numbers are now declining because of this . From 1984 to 1994, the Coelacanth numbers have dropped by 30%, because of scientist hunting them, and local fisherman hooking them on their lines. These fisherman hunt for oilfish, which live in the same area as the Coelacanth, so they are commonly caught along with oilfish. Then they are thrown overboard since they are inedible. Not that tasty huh? Too old.

Make your own fishballs

Are you aware that store bought fish balls are full of preservatives, flour and lots of MSG? In order for a fish product to remain fresh, I suppose the manufacturers have to put some artificial stuffs to make it last long without turning fishy.

Pet fish have more on the ball than we thought

Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime. Teach a fish to play football and ... well, now you really could be on to something. A father and son team have trained a pet goldfish to "carry" a football, "shoot" a soccer ball into a net, even "dance" the limbo. Believe it or not, it is easy and fun to teach your pet fish to swim through hoops and tunnels, do the limbo, eat from your hand. Hey, we have done it with bigger fish like dolphins and whales, right?

Monday, May 3, 2010

How to choose the right frozen fish

Not everyone has access to quality fish markets. Maybe you live in a small town, or in a rural area. This means most of the fish and seafood you will buy will come from a mega mart. All is not lost, however, as there is good seafood to be had at most supermarkets -- if you know where to look and what to look for.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Eel with sage and bacon recipe

This eel recipe uses the crock pot although you could casserole in the oven if you prefer. Eel can be quite dry, so the longer cooking methods are better. The tail of the eel is quite bony, so it is better to use it for stock. The middle cuts are best and you can skin before cooking.

Some people really do skin them alive - would you? I don't. What I do is, make an incision in the skin of the dead fish ;-) and then dip your fingers in salt - it gives you a little more 'grip' - then pull the skin away.
You can use this method to skin any fish before cooking - it is easier to remove the skin after cooking, but in this case, you are going to wrap the steaks in bacon and sage, so you'll want the skin off.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Small body, big appetite

While fishing in about 1,400 feet of water off the South Coast of Grand Cayman, a lone fisherman’s attention was drawn to an object that was floating on the surface nearby. He motored over to investigate and picked up a dead fish that simply amazed him. It is now also astonishing scientists all over the world.

In the belly of the fish was another fish, and this one was clearly much, much bigger. In fact when it was measured it was determined that the fish he picked up had eaten a ‘snake mackerel’ that was more than four times its own length. “When I first saw it I really couldn’t believe my eyes,” said the dumbfounded fisherman. “It had obviously just died, so I decided I had to put it in the boat and take it down to the local authorities to investigate it further.”

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