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Monday, October 19, 2009

Canvas Pond

Rings are 1/2 ft apart.

Height 2 fts. (Water depth 1ft)

Long 7 fts.

Width 5 fts.

Canvas pond are gaining popularity nowadays. Most people likes to purchase ready made structured settlement for their fishes because they can moved it to anywhere they want their pond to be. It is quite cheap and you don't have to get secured loan from your local bank to build one or more. It lasts long and you can consider selling these structured settlements to your friends. I have been frequently asked about how did I build my canvas pond. It is quite easy actually. Mine is the size of 5ft x 7ft x 2ft. I fill it with water until the level reached 1ft. Please note that when you purchase your canvas pond from any retailer, make sure it got double lining, sewn and glued. Some retailer just glued the canvas. My first canvas pond was the glue type and within one week the pond burst. Stress! Stress! The second canvas pond was custom made. It was sewn and glued, I never have to worry about it getting burst. The rings for the ropes are half a foot apart. You may want to place your canvas pond near a water source. Surely you don't want to have to carry buckets of water to fill your pond. Good luck on installing your pond guys.

A Hope For Jasper


  1. well tough girl.. good job for your canvas pond

  2. you are the expert one about fish.....good job for you....have a great weekend.....
    already have your link....pls add me too THX

    Best Regards

  3. Where can we buy ready made canvas pond. or any plans of how to custom do one?

  4. There are companies that sell ready made canvas pond. Or you can hire some canvas making company to do a canvas pond for you according to your specification.

  5. any website address?


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