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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pathogen Control

- You could place a filter to prevent entry of wild water that brings the possibility of disease. This step can also control the entry of snails, parasite, Argulus and Lernaea.

- You can add lime to your pond (should be done when dried). This will kill pathogens and kept the pond bed from getting sour. Lime rates used are 865 kg for 1 hectare pond.

- New batch of fish should be treated with formalin (200 ppm for 10-20 minutes) before releasing them into the pool. This can remove the parasites on the fish.

- If there are facilities, keep the treated fish in tanks / small pond for 2 weeks to ensure that fish do not have any diseases.

- Do not mix small fish together with large fish as this can cause primer disease.


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