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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Snakehead

The Snakehead is a type of carnivorous freshwater fish. It is a species of native tropical rain forest can live in brackish water and is often found in Southeast Asia countries. Snakeheads are divided into two types, larger-sized called the Toman (Channa Melanostoma)  and smaller one we simply called snakehead (Channa Striatus). 

The adult snakehead usually showed monogamous behavior and strongly territorial. Snakeheads can live in stagnant, slow moving , shallow or muddy waters. However, normally they can be found in ponds, rivers , lakes or paddy field. They normally weight around one kilogram, sometimes more.

The snakeheads are famous as a source of food with different nutritional health and is very popular especially among the Asian population. It is believe that if consumed, we are able to heal wounds, reduce pain after surgery or after childbirth. The amino acids and fat content are also good for restoring scarring wounds more quickly and can be used for gastric treatments. They also contains vitamin A that is capable of improving memory, vision, making skin smoother and anti-oxidants too, to slow the aging process. Other nutrients such as Arachidonic acid can help the growth of new cells and collagen for the preservation of young skin.

Local demand for the snakeheads are very high. Favorite among locals are the type that lives in natural habitats and is in the mid-size range, weighing between 300 to 500 g. The market for live snakeheads as well as snakehead eggs is very active, but commercial farming activities have been very successful due to the special breeding needs of the snakehead. By fried, BBQ, or made into a soup, the benefits of the  snakehead's medicinal properties can be enjoyed by all manner of discerning palates.



  2. Hmm.. The Big Fish... keep blogging

  3. So nice fish....
    Keep written toyour blog...

  4. No snakefish here in Norway.

  5. Miau.. nak tanya. Miau dapat mana ikan banyak2 ni :D


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