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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fun Facts About Fish

Its been a while since I posted anything here. Ran into trouble with google but thats settled now. Got a better sponsor. Today I want to share some really funny fact about our underwater friends. Some of us like to keep pet fish, while others prefer to go out and spend the day catching fish. Either way fish are definitely one of God's unique creations. One piece of fun fact which seems to be under some debate is whether fish feel pain? I would tend to think they do. After all they are a living creatures. In this piece we will try and find some fun facts on fish. The next time you watch the fish in your tank maybe these little tidbits will go through your mind and make you think or at least smile.

Some fun fish facts:
  • -fish breath water
  • -they eat their own kind- that can't be very pleasant...sheeshhh
  • -aquarium fish are the most popular with 12 million households owning fish
  • -dental offices have tanks in order to reduce anxiety in patients
  • -goldfish can outlive dogs and cats- they can live up over 40 years
  • -there is a weird name for people who study fish it sounds like someone who has a rash! - they are called ichthyologists
  • -a group of fish is referred to as a "school
Did you know that they are actually fish who stalk other fish? One such fish is the "Pike". Apparently it likes to hide under logs and other areas and stalks other fish. Now that is weird and funny at the same time!
Since most people me included just have a family tank at home filled with goldfish, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some fun facts about goldfish:

  • -the oldest goldfish recorded was 43 years old!
  • -they don't have stomachs
  • -goldfish can actually see ultra-violet and infra-red colors
  • -they can survive in freezing water
  • -goldfish have been pets well over 1000 years
One fact I found amazing was that fish can actually drown! Okay, you are probably wondering how is that possible? Well a fish needs oxygen just like we do. So when they are taken out of the water they get a lethal dose of oxygen because their gills can't handle the intake.

I will never forget when I found out the fact that lipstick actually contained fish scales! That was a sad day for me and I even considered never using lipstick again. Yeah, right! Fish or no fish, I am NOT giving up my lipstick!

So we have covered some fun and interesting facts about fish. It is always nice to know more about these silent creatures whether you love them as pets or interact with them in the wild.  

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  1. Hi Do, I have no experience in fishing...but still wondering for those who can spending for the entire whole day for fishing..He.He..


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