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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

6 kg Gourami (Kalui) Caught In Kivatu River

I spent these past weekend over my parents at Kivatu, Penampang. The river near our house is a bit murky and cloudy because of the raining season. So my mom decided to bring me fishing before I went home. She said usually the murky and cloudy water in this area are filled with all these kinds of fish and more. It is best to fish after the rain stopped. And so off we go...

My mom had waited about 20 minutes until the first bite. She set the hook and the fight was on! The line went way out before she could get some back. Then it went left, then right, then out again. 10 minutes had gone by and we still hadn’t seen what was on the line.

After awhile, mom finally landed her catch with great relief. Much to my surprise, it was the largest Gourami (Kalui) I've ever seen. It wasn’t long before she had another bite. Again mom set the hook and the fight was on. Right away I saw a fish tail come out of the water so my heart started beating more quickly. Some 5 minutes had gone by before we could finally see what fish was hooked into. At this point all I knew was that it was large catfish (We called it Baung in our language) but not as large as the first catch.

Although I didn't catch any, I truly enjoyed watching my mom catching the biggest Kalui fish I've ever seen. All in all, it was a wonderful fishing trip that I will never forget.


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  2. happy new year. i just love your header picture. can we exchange links? thanks. :)

  3. wow! Your mother is great! the biggest fish i have ever caught was 10 santimeters...

  4. Sounds like a great fishing trip and that Tilapia was huge! I can't get over it and your Mom is a little lady to bring in such a big fish. Enjoy every moment with family.

  5. not a tilapia thats a kalui in b.m, or giant gouramy in english (osphronemous gouramy) can grow up to 12kg.

  6. Hi Anon,

    Thank you for the correction. Will edit this post soon. :)

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