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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Boat Pollution And Garbage Dumping

Whenever someone takes their boat onto the water for a ride, it is creating pollution that can be very harmful to the sea life. Boating pollution is the pollution that comes from the boat’s engine when it is running, and it pollutes the water, killing animals with the chemicals in the exhaust from the engine. The engine gives off excess gasoline, which pollutes the waters and ends up killing the animals.

In order to make as little pollution as possible, what everyone can do to help is:

*Only turn a boat engine on all the way when you need to.

*Don’t take your boat out into the water if you don’t need to.

*Be sure to store and transport gasoline in places where there isn’t any direct sunlight because the gasoline will evaporate, and all of the gases that have been evaporated will pollute the air.

*Every year, buy new or cleaner marine engines for your boats.

In  addition to boat pollution, other things that cause water pollution are Garbage dumping. Garbage dumping is the dumping of harmful materials into the ocean like human waste, ground-up garbage, water from bathing, and plastics. Most of the waste that has been dumped into the ocean in the early 1990’s is still there today.

One main cause of garbage dumping occurs when sewage pipes share their space with storm water drains. Rainfall causes the sewage pipes to overflow and the sewage waste mixes with the storm water drain, which flows into another water source such as a lake or river. After that, the garbage pollutes the ocean, kills plants and animals in the water (for example, the plastic rings that are around pop cans can get around an animal’s neck, causing it to suffocate), and makes the water dirty.


  1. I guess the smell make me sick!

  2. Owning a boat entails responsibility. Owners should take care of their boats by making sure that all the parts - especially those that are of the engine - are in good condition. Boats are an avenue or a tool that can help in the preservation of marine life. Every single act of negligence has a big effect, so we must all take our part and be responsible enough.

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  5. too little too late maybe? only 10% of the ocean's wildlife is even still alive....

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