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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

6 Medicinal Facts About Snakehead You Probably Didn’t Know Until Now

The scientific research proves efficacious snakehead to accelerate the wound healing process, especially for mothers who give birth and those who had surgery.

This has been proved by scientific research carried out by Malaysian Dynamic Duo Prof. Dr. Saringat Hj. Baie of Universiti Sains Malaysia and Prof. Abdul Manan Mat Jais from Universiti Putra Malaysia on the efficacy and goodness snakehead.

Among the advantages of snakehead are: -

1. Snakehead have amino acids and fats that can heal the wounds in the stomach and is good for treating gastric disease.

It is a very popular myth that thin people have smaller stomachs than big people, but it isn't true. The stomach is really the same size in everyone, unless you have surgery that changes the size of your stomach. What changes is the food ‘thermostat' - the point where your stomach tells your brain that it is full.

2. Snakehead contain large amounts of Vitamin A, which helps add to the power of vision, moisturize the skin and act as anti-oxidants that slow the aging process.

First of all, the natural aging process is the primary factor that causes fine lines and wrinkles. With age, all body processes slow down, including skin cell repair. Collagen and elastin, skin fibers found on the dermis or second layer of the skin, play very important roles in making skin cell repair happen, and keep skin moist, elastic, and supple to touch. Unfortunately, collagen and elastin production slow down with age. Collagen has been found in nil quantities among people 60 years old and up. Without sufficient amounts and efficient replacement of these skin fibers, skin becomes more prone to wrinkling.

The second most important fact you need to know about wrinkles is that the sun’s harmful UV rays is the main external factor that causes skin damage. If you want to minimize wrinkles, your anti-aging plan must include a strategy to keep out of sunlight.

3. Snakehead containing arachidonic acid that helps to start the process of blood clotting and is responsible for the regeneration of new cells. Glycine of snakehead (include aspartic acid and glutamic acid) which is an important component of collagen in human skin will form protein molecules that are also important for regeneration and healing.

4. From a scientific study found snakehead fish intake may also reduce pain after surgery.

5. Snakehead fish slime contains oleic and linoleic unsaturated lipid core component entirely.

Unsaturatedlipids can be further categorized by their structure. Unsaturated lipids can be classified into monounsaturated lipids -- those with only one carbon-carbon double bond -- and polyunsaturated lipids, which have many areas of unsaturation. Polyunsaturated lipids can further be divided into omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Both of these types of fatty acids are termed "essential" fatty acids, because the human body cannot make them. As a result, these polyunsaturated lipids must come from the diet.

Because unsaturated lipids have a kinked hydrocarbon chain, they cannot pack as closely together. This has two main effects; the first is that unsaturated lipids are liquid at room temperature, whereas saturated lipids are solid. The other main effect is how they affect your body. The more tightly the saturated fats are packed the greater the increase in the amount of LDL -- or bad -- cholesterol in your arteries, while unsaturated fats increase the levels of HDL -- or good -- cholesterol.

6. Snakehead Fish contains collagen that helps to beautify the skin.

Beauty is only skin deep. These days people look on the other people's appearance. But beauty always change. The beauty of the Trojan Horse fooled many, but its real power came from within. Even though beauty is skin deep, it is important to not lose who you are. 

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