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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Most Asked Question About Betta

Are Betta fish stupid??? A friend of mine asked me this question recently. No. Betta are very savvy instinctive creatures. Its only certain owners that may lack intelligence. (Personal Opinion)

Fish and other animals evolve to cope with certain environments. Even when they're removed from those environments they retain some of their instinctual habits, so their behavior may seem irrational. When you spend much time watching fish in aquariums, it's easy to conclude that they do indeed think, learn and feel emotions. The small brain that most fish have limits only their sophistication. Of course, that's just one opinion.

Well I haven't meet any Betta or other fish species which own a Nobel Prize, but I believe in their own way they are intelligent. Some more, some less intelligent, just like humans.
Usually people buy and keep fishes because of their looks, not because their intelligence. Quotient...or I'm wrong?

Betta are clever little fish. Some even know in which drawer you keep the food ,and when you open the drawer they get all excited. Also Betta can recognize sounds and will even learn their name!

Aquarium fish do seem to have personalities, and their small brains still let them learn how to cope with specific environments and situations. Call it what you want, but maybe we human being are not all that exceptional.


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