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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Snakeheads In The Pond

The list of fish that can make men curse (or cuss) with fear has up to this point pretty much been limited to very large sharks. Now you can add another one to the list: The Snakehead.

The giant snakehead is a carnivorous fish that feasts on pretty much anything in its path, and has caused all manner of destruction in places where it has been introduced.  Maybe you think I'm overstating the problem a bit. After all it’s just a fish, right? Wrong. This is not your everyday fish.

 The snakehead will eat absolutely everything in a body of water then crawl over land to the next pond or lake. If there’s an infestation near any other bodies of water, those other areas are almost sure to be infested soon because the snakehead can survive four days out of water while it looks for a new home.

I don't really hate the snakehead. I have an earth pond too. A peaceful pond with tadpoles, frogs and marble gobies. Then few days ago, while fishing for some marble gobies, I caught a snakehead instead. Then another one, and another one, and another... I'm not quite sure how the fish got there. They’re apparently quite fun to catch. My mom was shocked I brought home some snakeheads instead of marble gobies. Oh well, a fish is a fish whatever type they are.


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