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Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Baung Catfish

Baung Catfish or its scientific name Mystus spp. are among the freshwater fish you can find in the ASEAN countries including Malaysia. There are different type of Baung Catfish. The one I caught is called Flat-headed catfish, Root catfish or Mystus Planiceps. 

This type of catfish can grow up to 20 kg. The baits you can use to fish Baung is usually ants, use 5 to 10 ants per hook, or use a large worm or chicken intestines if you can't find some ants. According to local residents, there was a time in the 60's, people used to fish Baung with soap. For me, I just use small shrimp. No fuss no cuss.

To catch this fish, here's a tip. Start fishing after the rain. Bring your gear and beer. Try casting near the banks and not the middle, pop the top on a cold one and you should be fine. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Anyway, I only drink a beer when catfishing the river at night, less chance of getting caught.

However, most people avoid fishing Baung Catfish if there's a mishap in the river because according to some hearsay, human fingers was once found in the belly of this catfish. Creepy~! Good luck Fishing!

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