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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Disease caused by ENDOPARASITE (internal parasites)

So far, there are no major problem caused by Endoparasite. Endoparasite that cause disease are:

1. Trematoda Digenetic

These parasites invades the eye and causes swelling in that area. The central cornea will appear gray. White spots appear in the pupil (Worm larvae Displostumum Spatheum). It eats fish lens causing blindness.

2. Nematodes (roundworms) and Cestodes (tapeworms)

Tape Worms and Ring Worms invade the stomach, muscles, bladder, intestines and the eyes. Fishes will lose weight and look lean. Therefore, infected fish cannot be use for spawning. These worms do not cause high mortality of fish and if death occurs, it is not simultaneous.


There is no satisfactory treatment. Therefore, it is recommended to prevent and control these parasites by removing snails carrying the parasite from your pond.


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