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Thursday, January 7, 2010

White Spot Disease

Most diseases are caused by parasites (exto-parasite). Parasites are organisms that live and get food from other organisms without the benefit of the organism.

1. White Dots disease (white spot)

Caused by protozoan parasites called Ichthyophthirius Multifilis. It attacks all types of fish, especially fish fries. This type of parasite penetrates the skin and eats the fish tissue cells and blood.

Signs of disease are :-

- Fishes swimming without a specific direction to avoid these parasites (Early Level)

- External layer of skin becomes gray and there are white spots on the entire body

- White spots and pale color at the gills area shows damaged fish gills and causes difficulty of breathing (fish surfacing to breathe)

- Fish feel itchy and will rub its body to the pond or cage body

- Fish not eating (a serious level)

- Eyes turned gray


1. Methylene Blue (Dosage - 2 ppm (mg/l) - Continuing to recover
2. Sodium Chloride + Formalin (Dosage - 20-25 ppm 1000 ppm) - 3 times in sequential succession every 2 days (1 week)
3. Potassium Permanganate (Dosage - 1-2 ppm) - Continuing until healed
4. Formalin (Dosage - 2.5 ml / 100liter) - Continuing until healed

Fish ponds affected by this disease must be dried and added to the rate of 1.5 tons of lime per hectare. Here are some steps on treating your fishes.

a) Soak fish in water containing the medication in a short period. Put the fishes in a tank or small container. Insert the medication into the tank. Take out and release the fishes after a few minutes. You need to be careful if the medication dosage is too high, it can cause stress to fishes.

b) Soak fishes in the water containing the medication for a long duration. Dose of medication used is low and does not cause stress to fishes. Medication inserted into the pond / fish tank continuously until full recovery or after the effects of medication disappears by itself. New water should be added after a few days.

I will update you more freshwater fish diseases so that you will know what to do if you meet with these type of problems.


  1. after read your post here i can conclude that you are the right doctor for all the fish.....
    how about fish which are live on the pool....can you find something about the diseases that might happen.....thanks for your nice post here

    Best Regards


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