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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Freshwater Fish Disease

Typically, fish diseases are caused by pathogens (agents that cause disease) as follows:

a) Parasites (Endoparasit / exto-parasite)
b) Fungi
c) bacteria
d) Virus
e) Causes such as genetic and environmental factors

i) Primary Disease

These disease usually occurs when fishes react with each other pathogens for the first time. This happens when we add large fishes together with small fishes. Even though large fishes were infected with pathogens, it will not show any signs of disease because most large fishes have the immunity against the disease. Unfortunately for these small fishes, it is easily attacked by diseases. In the mating process, primary disease could also occur where the pathogen can spread from female to its young.

ii) Secondary disease

Occurs because of stress factors. This can weaken the fish and cause the fish to easily attacked by pathogens. Factors such as temperature, water quality and others, could easily weaken the fishes and they would not be strong enough to fight the pathogen attack.

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