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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Be Careful When Fishing 2.0

Don't you ever wonder what lurked in the depths. I seen a lot of croc and shark movies that  certainly going to haunt me each time I went swimming or fishing for the rest of my life. Talking about fishing, just be careful  of what you hook up. Aside from picking some vicious industrial garbage, you can bring to the surface some strange and unmentionable things that will sent you screaming home to mommy. Most fishermen will happily brag about an extraordinary big fish. But sometimes the catch is so bizarre, that they'd rather try to forget it over a drink or two (or twenty). I wonder how would you react if you caught one of these.


  1. oh my gosh! that's kind of scary... it reminds me of a scene in the movie 'waterworld'(starring kevin costner) where he caught a fish that looks like that...

  2. i will scream to my heart's content and would never want to fish anymore if i ever catch this one


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