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Thursday, April 22, 2010

When a fish makes you scream and freak the hell out, that's a moray.

You know how the exomorphs in Alien that had a second jaw that reached out and bit you while they were biting you with their regular jaws? Moray eels have that. Just thought you should know. The pharyngeal jaw is used for swallowing--it swings forward, grabs the food that's in the eel's mouth, then pulls it back down the throat. Yet another reason why I do not live near the ocean. *shudder* Morays are like the coolest thing to see under the ocean. Well.. besides octopuses.

One of the most "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING!?!?!" moments in my TV watching career was a scene where members of the Cousteau Expedition hand fed incipient pieces of sushi to a Moray eel. I mean, if your giving food to a wild animal on land, if it decides to bite a chunk off of your hand you can, at least, howl in pain without drowning. Moray eels are yet another animal that I will only consider cool so long as there is 0.00% chance of it managing to bite a piece of me off.


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