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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Be Careful When Fishing

Two fishermen bled to death after their penises were bitten off by piranha-like river fish that pursue their prey by following urine trails in the water. The two men died in separate attacks several days apart on the Sepic River in Papua New Guinea's jungle, which have struck terror into the local communities.

In both incidents, the fish demonstrated a trait of the piranha by following the urine trail in the water, swimming to its source and then biting it off with their razor-sharp teeth. The fish have the most human-like teeth on the bottom jaw and quite possibly feed on insects. It was believed that the fish had started biting humans because of a lack of naturally occurring food.

So guys, next time when going fishing, be afraid, be very afraid.


  1. Sad to fish, very relaxing...I agree one must be very careful while fishing.

  2. suits people when they excrete urine in waters and in pools. i wont lije to fish in a piranha infested river

  3. Actually, if this is the same story as the one featured in River Monsters, only one of the men bled to death. The other managed to get out and make it to the hospital. He survived.

    The species of fish in question was a cousin of the piranha and, as a juvenile, is a vegetarian. It turns out, however, that the adults apparently have a taste for flesh and go after whatever they can grab. Since they have flat, almost human-like, teeth they were able to grab the men's dangly parts much easier than their thighs or stomachs and simply chomped them off. The fish is very common in the areas where the attacks occurred and there are other accounts of similar attacks, supposedly involving the same fish.


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