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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Funny Goldfish Fact 2.0

Goldfish can't close their eyes. This makes sleeping a little different for them. Instead of closing their eyes and falling into a deep sleep, they sleep with their eyes open usually at the bottom of the water. Goldfish have been pets for 1000+ years. Dating all the way back to ancient China, goldfish have been common household pets. The world's oldest recorded goldfish was 43 years old. Which is just amazing for almost any pet really, and he did very well considering he was won at a town fair. His name was Tish, and he died in 1999 in North Yorkshire, UK.Goldfish don't have stomachs. So they just eat, eat and eat and poop, poop and poop. Through a goldfish's eyes you would see a lot more color. Goldfish are able to see ultra-violet and infra-red light. This also mean they have a greater spectrum of visual colors. Goldfish can live in cold and freezing waters. Please don't test your goldfish by putting it in the fridge. When it gets really cold or freezing, a goldfish's body will slow down dramatically, almost like hibernating. Just like doing yoga or meditating. As the waters warm up they spring back to life. Cool huh!

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