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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Responsibilities of Caring for Freshwater Fish

Usually freshwater fish are considered the pets for people that are either lazy or don't really want to take care of something They may like the idea of a pet but perhaps one that you don't have to interact with as often as others, underestimating the responsibility of freshwater fish care. Well, fish can be the pet for you but it is wise to understand that fish can't just be tossed into a tank and then left until they die. This is not proper handling of fish and they do require that you actually know a little something about them.

Research is always a great idea when considering a pet--especially fish, as there are SO many types of freshwater fish to choose from. If you're wanting more than one fish in a tank, be sure to find out whether they are aggressive or not, as some fish will literally kill others in the same tank. It is also wise to understand the environmental needs of your fish, such as tank size, whether it requires freshwater or saltwater, and how often the tank should be cleaned (some fish actually eat the "gunky" build-up on tank walls).

Of course feeding the fish must also be done on a regular basis. Talk to the person or store you got your fish from to determine what brand and how often they were fed before you take your fish home. This can save you a lot of trouble and worry later on. You don't want to under-feed or over-feed your fish if you can help it. So again research is an adequate process here like other pets.

Another job that needs to be done semi regularly is the cleaning of the tank. It is usually recommended that 1/3 of the tanks water is changed monthly. This is to guarantee that the fish are getting a fresh tank to live in.

If you remember to follow these steps and act accordingly when purchasing a freshwater aquarium fish, then you will be fine. Your fish should live a healthy life and last as long as they are supposed to.

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