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Thursday, April 22, 2010

How to catch a fish... your bare hands

This method is very hard to do. Many say that catching fish with your bare hands can be done if executed correctly. The first step to catching a fish with your bare hands is to sneak up to a pool of water, preferably in a creek. Any sudden movements can scare the fish away. You will want to find a rock to lay on which allows you enough height to dip your arm into the creek.

Wait until a fish is in your reach. Slowly place your hand under the fish, and tickle the fish's belly. Imagine yourself tickling your cat neck if you have a cat. If you don't have one, imagine tickling your dog.
Apparently, the fish would becomes drowsy. The tickling is supposed to mimic reeds brushing up against the fish. Finally, if the fish is still in your grasp, grab the fish out of the water and throw it behind you (hopefully on solid ground).

This type of fishing is called noodling. Why is catching fish with your hands called noodling? Well ...the Oxford English dictionary describes a stupid person this way so I imagine anyone who catches fish, most notable the CATFISH with their bare hands may be considered a stupid person therefore you have noodling.


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