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Friday, May 28, 2010

Mystery Monster Fish Of Kenyir Lake

Not long ago, Malaysia was shocked by the story of a monster fish in the Kenyir Lake. Last year, a man on a fishing may have fell of a boat and drowned. The boat could be bumped by the giant fish till the man fell into the lake. Another man who saw the situation jumped in to rescue but disappeared into the lake.

The Orang Asli elders had suspected that the Ikan Naga (dragon fish) probably caused the boat to capsize. It was also highlighted that foreign workers had seen the creature during the construction of the dam back in mid 70s. An eyewitness of the recent incident said the boat was spinning around and could not see the victims anywhere. The Ikan Naga is shrouded in myth and folklore, much like Loch Ness and other lake monsters of the world. Its girth alone is said to be 4 meters with colorful sharp fins and scales like a shark. Uh...I thought shark does not possess scales...

There is a strong possibility that the so-called fish was actually the Arapaima Gigas as there have been reports of its sightings. The Terengganu Government had set up a team of fish biologists that would conduct detailed research on the giant fish as there were numerous claims by locals, some even producing photographs to show the existence of the Arapaima Gigas. If I'm not mistaken, the Terengganu Government once put a RM 10,000 bounty for Arapaima Gigas caught alive in the lake.
The fresh water species is commonly found in the Amazon and Orinoco rivers of South America. Arapaima Gigas is covered with large, thick scales and a small tail. Its wide mouth faces upward and the colour ranges from dark brown to black with blue highlights and red edges, particularly on the tail. The fish could also leap several metres into the air and its powerful head could capsize small boats on impact. So yes, this fish could be the possible culprit.

Such Arapaima Gigas could grow up to 5 meters and weighh about 200kg. Just imagine the size of it. This 'fish' was always mentioned in the media or sighted by locals/tourists but could never be found. Or the death of the two men was just a hoax to draw more tourists to Kenyir Lake itself. You'll never know what people could do just to get their business up and running again.

Well, I guess apart from the Loch Ness Monster of Scotland, this Dragon Fish of Kenyir Lake, Malaysia will become a Legend for Fresh Water Monsters! I suppose anyone having a real life encounter with this monster fish will be the most exciting life experience!


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