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Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Fish/Goat/Man : Monster of Lake Worth

Lake Worth is a Texas city with a population of 4,618, according to a 2000 survey. It's pretty typical in every sense of the word except one - it had the most incredible recorded monster sighting to date.

The monster made itself exceptionally newsworthy on July 10th 1969 when it apparently jumped over a car full of people. These are the first witnesses to describe the creature as 'half-man, half-goat with fur and scales'.

An interesting description, that - three animals, one of them apparently aquatic, all rolled into one. Of course we've seen the man-goat combo before, but the fish aspect is a brand new ingredient. News of this encounter leaked to the radio, which reported on it pretty quickly. Of course the story resulted in dozens of people flocking to the scene - and said flocking paid off.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram described the sighting the day it happened. According to a witness they interviewed:

"We were driving around trying to find it, when we heard it squalling. We heard it before we saw it. I saw it come across the road and I tried to take a picture of it but the flash didn't work. I took another picture but I don't know if I got anything because I was too busy rolling up my window. We watched him run up and down a bluff for a while and other cars arrived. There must have been 30 or 40 people watching him. Well, some of them thought they would get mean with the thing, but about that time, it got hold of a spare tire that had a rim in it and threw it at our cars. He threw it more than 500 feet and it was coming so fast that everyone took off. Everybody jumped back in their cars."

But common-folk weren't the only people to see the thing. Police were on scene as well - and so was a camera. A picture was taken of the thing, but no one can make heads or tails of it.

But picture or no picture, not everyone is convinced of the beastie's monster-ness. Some say it was a high school kid dressed in a gorilla suit that was for some reason fluffy, scaly and white. One person claims it was only a bobcat. We haven't seen a lot of bobcats good at the spare tire discus, but just the same, everyone is allowed their opinion.

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