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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Are You Considering A Pet Shark?

Sharks might be something you never considered as an animal that people should keep as a pet but the fact is that different kind of sharks is kept in home aquariums all over the world. A number of these pet shark species adepts very well to an aquarium environment in larger aquarium and are often breed in aquariums. There are also a number of popular freshwater fish that are known as freshwater sharks.

The bull shark is a river monster of nightmares. It is a sea creature that can tolerate fresh water, allowing it to travel far up rivers and close to contact with humans. Its tendency to dwell in shallow coastal waters and rivers ranging from the Atlantic to the Indian to the Pacific Ocean, coupled with its unpredictable and aggressive behavior, lead many scientists to label it as the species responsible for the majority of shark attacks on humans. 

You might think that it would be dangerous to keep sharks as pets and the danger that these sharks present is real but not very big as long as you threat your sharks with care. Sharks that are commonly kept as pets are not a threat to an adult’s life but they can give nasty wounds which might result in scars if they bite you. 

Pet sharks are however not for every one and even the most suitable species requires huge aquariums, larger than most people can offer their sharks. This is the reason why pet sharks aren’t for every one and why you really most do your research before buying a seemingly small shark for your home aquarium. Many of these species grow very large and are not suitable for most home aquariums. Most shark species will need an aquarium or pond the size of a swimming pool when they grow large and this is why most aquarists do best in avoiding these fish altogether. You should never buy a shark if you can’t offer them this kind of space already or is absolutely sure that you will be able to do so soon, well before they grown so big that they actually need all that space.

The bull shark gets its name from its stocky build, its broad snout and its aggressive nature. It is known to make sharp, unpredictable bursts of speed and often utilizes the "bump and bite" technique to capture prey, during which it first head-butts prey before attacking. Bull sharks have been known to attack large animals, including one account of an attack on a racehorse in Queensland, Australia. They regularly prey on dolphins, other sharks, and have proven themselves more than willing to attack humans sometimes simply out of curiosity. Their speed, strength and agility not to mention sharp, heavily serrated teeth make such attacks potentially deadly.  

So if you are looking for a pet shark let me remind you that the bull shark is unsuitable to keep in aquariums since this is one of the most aggressive sharks there is.


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