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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Box Turtles Found

I found a couple of tortoise in my pond. At first I thought they were some giant toad or something. I caught them with a net and brought them home. They seems a bit dirty with  mud and all that. I read in a book that when bringing tortoise home one should bathe it. So that's what I did. For the time being, I let them walk around the house. Tomorrow I'm going to find a new home for them.

After a little bit of surfing about tortoise, I found out that these a actually a type of Box Turtle. (not a tortoise) Although a land turtle they are closely related to the water turtles. They do not live in the water but near of in damp cool areas. (most of the time) Box turtles are "homing" if released far away from their home they try to find their way back. Wow. I wonder if they'll come back to my pond after I released them somewhere far.

The problem about Box Turtle is, if you keep it too long it will become used to your feeding it and cannot be released. So releasing it is the best even if its cute. My friend Tammy thinks that I should keep them and call them Elvis and George.


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