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Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Dancing Fisherman

Most of us fish using rods and reels. But if you take time to delve into it, you’ll find that there are many other creative ways of fishing that are like nothing you ever tried before.  

Lots of fishermen still enjoy jug fishing, where the participants follow floating jugs to which baited hooks and line have been attached. It’s been more than a century, however, since anglers employed a special type of floating fish-catcher called the “Dancing Fisherman.” 

For this means of fishing, a jumping-jack (a small, jointed man whose limbs are moved by jerking a string attached to them) was fastened to a stick secured in an upright position on a float made from a board. Through a hole in the float passed a string attached to the jumping-jack, and tied securely to this were the hook and line. When a fish took the bait and pulled on the string, the little figure would throw up its arms and legs as though dancing for joy at having performed its task so well. Funny huh!

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