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Saturday, May 22, 2010

What's your favourite fish meal?

So, what is favorite kind of fish to eat? Whether raw, or cooked or whatever. Some people like trout. Fried. Love salmon, love fish n chips. Can it really not taste amazing? OK, I like trout as well. I also love smoked trout. I hate bones in fish though. 

The top of people favourite cooked fish is the flathead. Its like a giant version of the plecostamus fish you see in fish tanks. They have lovely sweet fleshed fillets that dipped in a light beer batter, and deep fried, make the best fish for fish and chips in the world. For raw fish ... have you tried Angler Fish sashimi or sushi grade tuna, crusted in sesame seeds, and lightly seared on a hot dry skillet just long enough to turn the outside white, but leave the inside raw ... amazing, don't you think?

But if I go to a seafood restaraunt, the fish is the minor dish that I surround with shrimp lobster, crab, conch or whatever. I like variety, and ordered stuff I rarely make at home. (If I remember right, the Australian fish and chips is some kind of shark) 

Sometimes the fish people likes to eat depends on the mood and day and of course, what the fish guy has. Grouper is great, so is trout. Salmon is good too but I am not a fan of salmon steaks. One of the best meals, was the Climbing Perch that my aunt's father caught. Simply amazing. It was cooked like one would do a fish fry, beer batter and fried.

If you like farmed fish you can try Tilapia. Very good. Catfish is OK fried, but tastes a little "muddy" in this recipe.
Tilapia can be muddy too, so we recently tried it with a farmed fish called something like "luzu" (or "zulu"??) that was sweeter, and very clean.

But in all seriousness, people tends to go for a good salmon on occasion. My friend Tammy don't like fish which sucks because it's by far the most common food out here! You can go to the convenient store and by a bag of dried fish and eat them like a chip! Not gross, just a different culture or lifestyle. Man, Travel Channel has really changed my way of thinking. Gross would be like using human waste as an ingredient or something like that. It can be gross as an opinion to a person but you'll be stepping over the line if you say other people are gross for liking it.

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