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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Burmese fish : Next To Extinct

A Burmese fish, known locally as Ngaphayone (Anguilla bengalensis  bengalensis), is in danger of extinction due to increasing exports, particularly to China, where its larvae is also in high demand. Many Chinese believe that Ngaphayone increase blood flow and bestow luck to those who eat them. Ngaphayone are also used in traditional Chinese medicine. It is supposed to give 'strength' to men. 

Ngaphayone live in both freshwater and saltwater and spawn in rivers, creeks and tributaries. They breed from June to August. It is against the law to catch Ngaphayone during the breeding period, but the law is difficult to enforce. The price of Ngaphayone is increasing rapidly because of high demand and low supply, just like the Marble Goby.

This kind of fish breeds one time in its life and may take15 years to breed. After breeding, the fish dies. It has a strange behavior, and it needs to be protected. It is in danger of extinction due to over exploitation and lost of habitat by shrinking rivers and creeks.

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