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Monday, May 31, 2010

Fortune Teller Miracle Fish

Fortune Teller Miracle Fish promise to reveal your private sexual inclinations in ways no one can understand. In reality, they’re little red fish-shaped pieces of thin plastic that curl up in certain ways depending on the heat source they’re currently on top of. For the three of you who’ve never heard of these fishies, the gimmick is that they’ll curl up into some random position when placed in the palm of your hand. After seeing what position it forms into, you referred to a stupid chart to find out what kind of lover you were.

According to the chart, no matter how the fish curls up, there’s one thing no one can deny:  you’ve got a pretty weak emotional gamut. But you do have a plastic fish, so things kinda balance out in the end. Matching the position of the fish with the chart, we can deduce that the person who owns that hand up above is fickle. Now that’s really amazing. Magic personified.

1 comment:

  1. cool! I know it has no scientific basis but still it would be fun to try out! Hahaha!

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